As a proud sponsor of this year’s Las Vegas Labor Day Classic. AXE is on a mission to help guys feel confident in who they are.  Young men should never be afraid to fully embrace their true selves — through what they wear, how they style their hair and highlighting the qualities that are unique to them. But research has shown that some guys stay away from styling because they fear being bullied.

That’s why, for its second year in a row, AXE is announcing #AXEpressYourself, a social initiative that challenges guys to express themselves and experiment with new hairstyles and hair colors for a good cause.

For every hairstyle pic shared on social with #AXEpressYourself, AXE will donate $1 to anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label, a non-profit dedicated to helping young people struggling with self-confidence and self-expression.

Our line of Hair Styling products was designed for young men to have more fun with their personal style, and feel confident in their unique self-expression. And we’re excited to announce new AXE Hair Paint – an easy-to-wash-out product designed to add a light hold to your hair, with added color that’s sure to make you stand out. With four color options – Blue, Green, Red, and Silver – it’s a great way to show off your team spirit!

We will be distributing free samples of our Signature styling and washable Hair Paint gel at Heritage Park for athletes to show off their new style. Grab a free sample and use the coupon code below to access discounts for the full line of Axe Hair products online.

And don’t forget – for every selfie shared on social media with #AXEpressYourself, AXE will donate $1 to DitchTheLabel.