August 31, Sept 1 and Sept 2, 2024

The only USYS sanctioned tournament on Labor Day in Las Vegas
This tournament is NOT a stay and play event

The Las Vegas Labor Day Classic August 31, Sept 1 and Sept 2, 2024 in fabulous Las Vegas!

  • Come to Las Vegas for an amazing weekend of competition and fun at the Las Vegas Labor Day Classic to start the new season!
  • The Las Vegas Labor Day Classic Soccer tournament is a great opportunity to bring your teams from Arizona, California, and Utah to compete with teams you may not have faced before in a very competitive environment.
  • Tournament is open for Boys and Girls teams U9 to U19
  • For any additional information or questions please contact us on our contact page or by phone at 702-682-3450

Hosted By: Soccer Tournament Las Vegas

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the schedules be posted?

We work to have the schedules posted the weekend before the tournament.

Is this a stay and play tournament?
It is not stay and play required, you may stay anywhere you choose. If you would like suggestions on hotels you may call the director for information.
When is the deadline for payment and where do teams send it?

The deadline is extended to Friday August 14, 2023.

Make checks payable to:
Labor Day Classic
3346 Iberia St
Las Vegas, NV. 89146
Please do not send signature required, the box is secure.
Do you honor no Sunday play request?
Due to the format we are not able to offer a no Sunday play schedule.
Our coach has more than one team, can we request to have a no conflicts with scheduling?
Please send an email with both teams requesting no conflicts and we will do our best to schedule it. In some cases it is not possible so teams should always have staff available if necessary.
We would like an evening game or we would like an evening off to do something in Las Vegas? Can we request this on the schedule?
Yes, send an email with the details and we will accommodate.
Can we check in on Saturday rather than Friday evening?
If all your credentials are in order you may check in one hour before your first game. Please let us know if you plan to do so.
Are there benches and canopies for the teams?
Most sites do not have benches and none have canopies. You may bring one but be aware there is no staking allowed.
How is the weather in Las Vegas on Labor Day?
The weather in Las Vegas on Labor Day can vary greatly, it can be very hot and dry some years. Please be prepared, sunscreen and hydration is critical. Don’t allow yourself to get thirsty, start drinking before then.
Can my team play on last season passes?

This tournament falls in the new season and teams should get the new passes